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Question Military experience worthless?

Iím due to leave the military in 5-months time (aged 30, 2500hrs ME TT)

Having just about exhausted every avenue I can think of, Iíve come to the conclusion that unless youíre:

a) Boeing or Airbus rated.


b) Prepared to join the race to the bottom,

Youíll never be paid to fly again. For a while, I sustained myself on thoughts of heading to China or the Middle East, but it transpires that even a willingness relocate world-wide and plough my savings into a type rating isnít enough.

Before I start pricing up a season ticket to Canary Wharf, I just wanted to confirm that things really are this bleak, and that my military experience counts for nothing nowÖ as I fear it does.

Iím just looking for a frank appraisal of my situation, as I need to start making plans to do other things if the aviation door has closed behind me.
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