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I have to confess (with great pride) that I was on a RNFS at Carlisle from Mid March to Mid April 1967. It blew a northern gale for all of the month but for very few days when we flogged the planes to death. The quality of the flying was probably down to flying in such hysterical weather conditions! My instructors were Tribe and Rosie Stephenson. Captain Davico did my final test on 14/4/67. Memories include Rosie in a 152 getting me to induce a spin which went inverted- quite alarming. So she did one to show me, and went inverted. Mr Rawlinson trying to get across 'hydraulicing' to a class of uncontrollable 17 year olds!

By September '67, ace Notso decided to crack Austers at Portsmouth. After 2 hours I still couldn't quite crack taildraggers, but off I went solo. There followed 3 circuits of terror trying to get this thing down on the ground without bouncing frighteningly, and going around twice. I survived the third violent arrival and fled. A year and a half later, I managed to fool Hamble that I was fit for it, and managed a full career in BA (and another unmentionable airline for pension purposes) flying VC10s and all Boeing jets except 767, and the landings improved immensely (except for landing into Rangoon in a VC10 with Lord Mountbatten on board in about 1972- I think he never recovered- it took me 6 months)!

Now happily retired sailing and flying a Sportcruiser whenever I get a chance. Careers will never be like that again. Flying a VC10 across the Pacific with minimal navigation aids hoping we'd find land at the other end! Surfing on Waikiki, days in Fiji with a bunch of gorgeous stewardesses, a week in Mauritius, Seychelles, Jo'burg, 4 days in LAX, SFO, Anchorage, HKG, seeing the lights of Samarkand twinkling at night, dawn over the Arctic, real Dutch Rolls in training at high altitude, flying low level in a turboprop up Loch Lomond. The flying careers now are becoming narrower and more repetetive.
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