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Cool From Tony Cosimini's nephew

Hi, I'm Tony Cosimini's nephew and was named after him, my mother was his eldest sister Anne Cosimini, who unfortunately passed away aged 74 two yrs ago this November. I have never flown even as a passenger commercially, hence the Terra Firma username lol My uncle Tony developed Angina (allegedly due to smoking combined with the physiological stresses of flying) and that was the reason he could no longer fly and was restricted to the simulators (which he disliked). He threw himself into gardening after retirement and would not slow down, stop smoking or drinking whiskey. He had a minor heart attack and when my mother went to visit him in Hospital she found him smoking under the bedsheets A year later he had a massive heart attack and died in 1977. I attended the funeral with my mother and Tony's younger brother my Uncle Peter Cosimini (who is now 86 and still happily living in Blyth with my Aunty Angiolina and occasionally still playing the accordion for charitable causes). Tony's wife Barbara and his children Peter, Paul and Maria (my cousins) were all devastated and seemed totally lost without him. Peter & Paul still live in Carlisle, Maria is a free spirit who seems to move around a lot, Barbara died about 12yrs ago. Tony had a son by a girlfriend in Blyth before he married Barbara who grew up as Phillip Wilson, for many years growing up I never even knew of him, but I got to know him several years ago and we keep in touch. I grew up only seeing my uncle Tony occasionally after he moved from Ashington to Carlisle, but I loved him a lot. I remember him as a strong charismatic and friendly man who always took an interest in what I was doing and gave me a lot of encouragement. He possessed a 'black' sense of humour as did my mother which I also inherited. The comment earlier in the thread about him telling someone they couldn't push a pram then lighting his pipe, vacating the plane and then sending them on a maiden solo flight is VERY typical of him and his brand of humour lol! The best and longest laughs I have ever had were with my Mother and usually centred around practical jokes played on family members, something of a Cosimini family tradition. Tony was an old school 'tough guy' who in his day fought the wrestler Jackie Pallo and boxed exhibition matches with some top boxers of the day. My Italian grandfather did not approve so he had to sneak out of the house via various fabrications with my Nonna (a big wrestling fan!) and the rest of the family making up stories to explain his various black eyes and bruises etc I have some great photos of my uncle Tony and very fond (if too few) memories. Had he lived I'm sure I would have found my wings well before now.
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