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Originally Posted by bradf
As far as I know, the AP was part of the problem.
It wasn't. Stuck thrust lever number two was.

Originally Posted by bradf
The captain had a heart attack just after take off.
That was a hypothesis put forward by investigating authority. Apart of capt being totally silent, nothing on the CVR suggests it was really so.

Originally Posted by bradf
The co-pilot tried to help the pilot.
Nothing on CVR suggests it was so. It's usual "they-fought-bravely-till-the-end-and-missed-the-orphanage" kind of journo exaggeration.

Originally Posted by bradf
He tried to engage the AP, but the A310 AP would not activate if plane banking is higher than 20 degrees (and it was, at that time)
Could be, so what? Nothing suggests that aeroplane couldn't be flown manually.
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