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In my case Mr 'chute, no. But there was the A Scale salary (long not available to new joiners) and adequate housing allowance (now not available to new joiners). I am now on a base (not available to new joiners or in fact Hong Kong crew at present), and am enjoying the fruits of doing the hard yards in Hong Kong. I thoroughly detested living there, but worked hard and stuck it out; the package made it worth while.

I could also have left any time I liked as I had a full rating (now not available to new joiners), no 'forgiveable loan' (definitely available for new joiners), and command came relatively quickly (now off the clock for new joiners).

If you think things might improve if you take a chance and join anyway, my experience with this company has been that of a relentless war on its cockpit crew since 1992. Every man has his price, but the currently offered conditions are an abomination.

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