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I am not a great lover of cloudless skies as the whole scene becomes a bit bland!
I prefer cloud to add its own scenery to the stuff on the ground!
Flying around huge mountains of dramatic CBs can be amazing as can dropping down through multiple layers of sunset tinged clouds can also be amazing.
Flying over a solid deck close too gives a sense of speed.
For me the scenery of clouds holds equal importance to what is on the ground.
Ground scenery as you climb flattens and even mountains like the Alps which are so spectacular close too diminish to a flat insignificance when I fly over them in the jet at FL380.
Then we go to the challenge of weather flying? Breaking out at minima? Icing and storm avoidance? Finding smooth air for PAX.
In the jet the challenge of minimising the effect of headwinds and jetstreams ?
I must admit to quite liking the unusual buffeting you get around jetstreams.
The challenge of weather and reading it as well as dealing with it brings its own thrill factor

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