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The senior guys are laying out the hard facts and venting frustration with a company that has pretty much followed suit with many other companies. Everything is P&L now. Prudence spending etc. Everything highlighted has truth in it. Like everything else it has to be put in perspective. I do not particularly bother with how the facts are presented or delivered and do not see it as a personal attack against me or RH generation it tends to feel have changed. Zero hours. Shiny jet syndrome... Privileged and spoilt. Guess for those of us growing up without Internet,Obie phones and tech savvy gadgets..upbringing is different the whole world round.
HK is not ideal. Cathay is not ideal. But make your best judgement to see who will screw you over less if that's how you view the industry. Otherwise... enjoy the ride, take advice and process it. Resistance and escapism does not make hard facts that comes into your bank account on the 26th of every month go away. Either be happy to receive it or give it back and move on.
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