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Sorry your experience was bad mate. Guess different strokes for different folks. You just gotta come out to HK to experience all of it for a week or two and do the legwork and see where everything is. There has to be reasons why some stay and some leave and expats being paid less from different industries love HK and some with much higher salaries choose to leave.
For a TT guy, it should commensurate with your experience and maturity that nothing is sugar coated. It's great you got that regional job in Canada as well as the lifestyle you yearn for. However most guys who have transited have also had great experiences. Save. Money from previous jobs to tide through their initial outlays and was aware upfront what they were going into. Like most places in the world, either you like HK or you don't and no one will force you to join the company and it's your own signature on the dotted line. But for all it's worth, lots I guys are having a great time once they get past lamenting about how good the yesteryears were. In 5-10 years A scale would be almost extinct. It is definitely not a perfect company.there were guys saying how good the ME is and all that. What does the sandpit have to offer now? Holding pools? Same as BA. Qantas in the pacific? SQ? With just as many low hours FOs
Instead of SOs. Furlough pilots. Sacks expats of Jet airways and highly paid but overworked and zero labour protections and poorly written policies or china based contract work? So it's probably the lesser of 2 evils.
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