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Several issues

You need the right to work in Oz - unfortunately being educated, white, employable and possibly a good asset to the country will hold no sway. No if you come on a leaky boat from Indonesia they will probably give you a house and car.

You will have to do many conversions, look at Civil Aviation Safety Authority - Home

As for work, there are hundreds of hundrds of guys with 5000hrs+ still flying Chieftains or instructing. There are plane loads of pilots who have 5000hrs in command of 737 or A320 who are driving taxis.

Probably the only way in is to do an instructor rating (3 months and $15,000), thats after 3 months to get all your conversions, and approach a flying college. i think you would get a gig there. The instrument writen is a killer.

PM me is you want some more info.
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