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step by step

Hi, you don't need a university degree to be a pilot, it's good though that you get as much as you can.
What I first recomend you is, regarding your age is go to flying school, aeroclub for example, start from a Private Pilot Licence, then you see if you like it, after that, begin adding hours to your log book, in the main time you continue university in any subject, when you colect 200 hours, do an ATPL 6 month theory course, finish all exams and you will have to do the practice, CPL-ME-IR.
But, if you don't have an EU passport you will never be elegible for working in any EU country. You can try to do the same in Russia.
One thing is true, you can do an EASA licence and then convert to any country with more or less paper work.
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