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Originally Posted by TTex600 View Post
On the 320, an ECAM Instructing the pilots to perform UAS procedures is displayed after a pitot failure.

If the system can come to that logical conclusion, could it not also make a reliable determination of plugged pitot's?
What kind of determination? That there has been a problem with the pitot tubes, or an attempt to ascertain which of them is correct?

The problem with the latter is that you have three data sources - enough for a quorum, but limited in what can be applied. Earlier in the threads it was pointed out that were two to fail simultaneously, a risk is run of the systems interpreting the failed pair as correct and voting out the one that's still working. Now - the chances of this happening are miniscule, but it limits what can be done with that data.

Do you have to hand the ECAM message to which you refer?


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