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Thank you for the corrections on French gliding licences. ( I did say "used..." I should have added that this was in the early 1950s. Things change...) I held a Brevet D, there was no question of a licence, then, as an option or a requirement at three National Centres.

It would be reasonable to suppose that PF WAS quite experienced as a glider pilot.

On three different Fight Engineered aircraft that I flew, it was usual for the pilot flying that leg, (now called PF) to have his hand forward of the throttles until V1, so that he could cut the power quickly. For the rest of the flight the F/E would control the power following verbal orders, "Zero boost", "30 inches " or "300 Torque", depending on type. If a constant powered approach was made then this would be something similar to a glide approach ( but with that constant power - and never below a certain figure, to allow for a low overshoot.)
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