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George Semel
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God don't even consider going to Embry Riddle UND or any of the other pseudo flying colleges we have here, the degrees are not worth the paper they are printed on and you will end up with a staggering debt load and not much of an education. Go to a good College, Moscow University has a pretty good rep. Major is something solid, not the Aviation Management BS Riddle cranks out. Then go to flight school, my pilot certificate says Airline Transport Pilot, not graduate of Riddle or UND! It not cheap. Why not give the Russian Armed Forces a shot? They do have some pretty interesting airplanes and helicopters. I will tell you that there are lots of good flight schools in the United States and we are very good at teaching people to fly, if we were not they would not come in the numbers that they do. The Europeans make it all way to complicated. Being a old flight instructor and bush pilot, I even think how great it would be to spend a couple of years hauling stuff around Siberia in an AN-2! One more thing sonny, its a tough road to get to the airlines, tougher still to stay employed and have some sort of retirement. Flying for a living is really the pits. Ask any pilot who been pushing an airplane around 30 years or more with the second and third tier airlines. Its were most that started out to go to the flag carriers end up. I last aircraft I flown was 65 years old, a pile of junk but it was a job, I can now say that I have Wright R-1300 time. That and 4 bucks an I can get an over priced cup of coffee at starbuck's
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