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One correction to this post. Only the upper surface wing panels of the A380 are creep formed during the precipitation hardening heat treatment. The lower surface panels on the A380 (as well as A310, A319/20/21, A330 and A340) are shot peen formed. The failing brackets on the A380 attach the ribs to the lower peen formed panels. The photo in this post is, indeed, of an upper surface panel in the autoclave at Broughton, North Wales. I was in charge of the US owned factories in North Wales from 1982 till my retirement in 2005 where all the above named lower Airbus panels were shot peen formed and shot peend along with many other Airbus (and other manufacturers) parts. Shot peening is a specialist cold working surface process which increases resistance to fatigue failure and stress corossion cracking as well is being used to induce form or correct distortion by inducing beneficial residual stresses.