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Red face You Done Let The Cat Outta The Bag!

Rural California is quite nice. I live in a town of seventeen hundred souls, most are reasonable. From my base, I can be surfing, skiing, or sky diving within an hours drive. I can visit culture, or barbecue in the country. The countryside is similar to Alpine Switzerland, and the water sports are X rated.
As some PPRuNe posts are picked up by the internet, this one has gone completely viral, particularly in San Francisco and the LA basin (minus Orange County where folks are happy). Every realtor has gotten a copy and passed it on to their developer friends, lots of fax and cell phone activity with investors.
- Google is interested now in doing their new street level map which provides depth in the views of the entire area which had been poorly covered.
- YouTube is asking for photos, please? Color photos are preferred.
- The WSJ is planning an article for their Friday edition's Real Estate Section.
- Two major home developers are vying to be the first ones in the area and are rushing to complete their Section 8 housing plans for approval.
- That little quaint airport used for sky diving, it will get a lot closer as soon as the pay-as-you go 6 lane highway is built. You will need an EZ-Pass sensor on your windshield to pay the toll fees by credit card, no toll booths, automation, you know. Oh, and that airport is where the new Mega-Walmart is going to be located.
- Of course there will be new shopping malls, movie theaters, bars and restaurants and big schools to go with the new housing developments.
- Banks? Oh, there will be lots of banks to keep your valuables and store your money.
- Sequoia Foundation (a liberal think tank) has been looking for the ideal location for their new campus, and are now excited to have found it without the need for a search committee!
- There is great interest in LA & SF, folks want to have a country home or two, one to rent out of course.
As a local car dealer said, "The eggs are larger and cheaper in the country".

Oh, well, sometimes the best kept secrets are kept secret....
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