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You seem very, very sensitive about the great State of Oklahoma
Only when attacked by the ignorant. Never the less, not too many states had a extremely popular play and movie made about it.


are you still supportive of "Red States" proposal?

Only in a humorous, ain't never going to happen and just kidding around way. We are not serious, at least I'm certainly not. I am a citizen of the United States, first and foremost.

Now for this;

Think USA, December 7, 1941
You must be kidding, the US was not all that powerful in 1941. The Japanese did not attack Pearl Harbour because we were too strong, as at that time we were not. They attacked us because they feared that would become too strong and then interfere with their plans of conquest of the Pacific.

Course as we all know, that clever plan by the Japanese to force the US into a cease fire or capitulation, didn't work out all that well for them.

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