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Can you please explain why both the QRH and ECAM in slides 19 & 20 say to turn the FDs OFF, (that action was not accomplished in AF744) yet the diagram clearly shows the FDs ON and with no pitch guidance annunciated.
Nice catch!

No, I can't explain it but the indication is inconsistent - there is no "1FD2" or "--FD2" or "1FD--" in the FMA displayed yet as you've observed, the FD is "ON", (shown in the HDG-V/S mode vice FPV symbol and FP director).

It's not the first time I've seen oddities and inconsistencies in training materials though, and this one appears to be in development - who knows what its history is. The qualifying condition "Safe conduct of the flight affected?" is shown, "Defined during training" so there's obviously other training associated and a narrative that goes along with this one.
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