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TTex says...

"The point I want to make is simple, in our scenario but in a "classic aeroplane" the pull necessary to stall the airplane would not have been "insignificant". In our scenario in the accident airplane, the pull force necessary to induce a stall was apparently "insignificant"."

The pull force to induce STALL was certainly insignificant, and may I also add, 'irrelevant'. The aircraft wanted a gee, and found it, since at post STALL "free fall" it had it. at terminal velocity, the THS appeared content with one gee.....

The pilot input was never exactly in command. To be in command, one needs data, and shy of its full quiver, (notwithstanding the hue and cry re: instruments, which are not known, never will be...) PF had a STALL warn he was ignoring, feel that was not there, and a load of confusion that appeared in the form of FD.

People insist he had a Pitch cue, possibly so.... The CVR has the answers, probably in the "deemed irrelevant" category.... Captain heard the STALL warn plus cricket, he said nothing? My ass.....
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