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Originally Posted by CONF_iture

Direct law has been practiced during the initial training when only one Flight Control Computer was left ON to demonstrate how the Airbus behaves as a 'conventional aircraft'.
Also some exercises as LOST OF ELEV and MANUAL BACKUP go further that direct law as the main way to control pitch and overall performance is done through the THS ONLY (stick useless for pitch control).
Maybe your sim instructor know tricks mine does not, but an Airbus MIA A320 Simulator with only one ELAC/SEC/FAC on handles like a truck with malfunctioning power steering and broken dampers.

The only way my instructor could force Dir Law left us with no roll control spoilers, slow ailerons, and resulted in an extremely unresponsive airplane.

Direct Law, in the manner some desire, would offer full control of all control surfaces, as its name implies, directly.

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