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I agree with the first sentence, and wrote essentially the same in one of my recent posts. Regarding the captain, the stall warning is loud enough to be heard through a closed cockpit door. The captain must have heard it when he entered the cockpit.
CVR transcript
2 h 11 min 41,8

I have the
impression (we
have) the speed
SV : stall
2 h 11 min 42,4 SV : stall
2 h 11 min 42,5

Er what are you

Noise of cockpit
door opening

2 h 11 min 43,0
Whatís happening? I
donít know I donít
know whatís

2 h 11 min 44,5 SV : stall
2 h 11 min 45,5
Weíre losing control
of the aeroplane
The captain heard the stall warning ... an if he was in the rest station (who is just side the flight deck) he will have heard ( trough the wall ) this ( loud ) warning from about a minute ..
Of course .. as I'm certain .. he was not in the rest station .. unfortunately ( bad luck again ... )
In fact .. nobody know where he was ... not Robert who bell him and ask frantically for the captain return ... nor the BEA ....
And it's not Bonin preoccupation ... he have the hands full and more ....
Maybe shame for him but the best was that Robert make a general call "the captain is requested urgently in the cockpit" ...

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