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The Pitot fault message was on the ACARS at 02:10... and was missing on the ECAM!
The pitot message was one of five fault messages (intended for Maintenance only - not presented to the crew). It is a Class I (of I, II, & III), Mtce Message and as such would require consultation with the MEL prior to the next departure. The pitot system itself did not fail in a way that was sensed by the FWC but due to blockage was providing erroneous data which was sensed by the EFCS2, (discussed in IRI, ppg 54, 55). The message is not an ECAM Level 1, 2 or 3 message and therefore would not have shown up on the ECAM because there was no "failure". If pitot heat itself had failed, a Level 2 message would be generated and it would show up as an amber message on the ECAM.

Whether this would have helped the PF comprehend what had happened cannot be stated. There seemed a predisposition to, and a determined focus on, certain actions in which the PM was unable to successfully intervene.

As to displaying an ECAM message with the abnormal, "Unreliable Airspeed" followed by suitable responses I cannot see that occuring within the current established ECAM philosophy. The reason is, I think, straightforward: The ECAM is a systems-abnormality page. It, and the Status Display page are intended to secure the aircraft systems for further flight within the limitations of the abnormality including performance additions or limitations where applicable. The ECAM system is not intended as a guide on how to fly the aircraft in certain abnormal circumstances - that is for the training regime to establish through the usual familiar ways.
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