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FO's are encouraged to come in on days off to work in the office for free so as to win favor with management for command opportunities - and so many of the spineless fools do.
Most of us are aware of the restrictions imposed on Hainan airlines after their blatant disregard for flight and duty time limitations. Perhaps HKA wants even more restrictions imposed on them for encouraging working on a day off? Maybe a critical or mandatory day off.

I know what I would do... If I saw an F/O working for free on a day off to further their command prospects I would make a friendly and anonymous call to the CAD to inform them. Maybe the CAD will do a 'spot check' and discover the person illegally woking. The result might be another 6-12 months of restrictions and no expansion.

For the F/O that gets caught; he can kiss his job goodbye because someone will need to get the blame and good luck getting another job. Oh and do not go walking down any dark alleys because many people will want your kneecaps broken.

How can it be SO clear and obvious to us how to act and run a business but seems so unclear for the management? Are they trying to get the AOC revoked? What the F%$k is wrong with these incompetents?

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