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Grrr HKA and HKE management are the worst ever experienced in my entire life.

I was very fortunate to leave this group a while ago now and have made it my mission to spread the word to people considering a move there. DO NOT DO IT!

'terpsops' is obviously a person with great integrity who clearly has lived the HKA nightmare and you should heed his warning.

It will be at least another half decade before HKA and HKE will be worth your time and effort and that is only if they employ a new upper management team NOW to clean up the filthy mess left by years of incompetance.

Good luck to all unemployed or stuck in worse places. But I recommend getting out of flying all together for a different career is better than working for HKA/HKE.

The stupidity of the management will amaze you. It is even worse than India the middle east and China most times. They can pretend all they want but as a pilot you are no better than a public toilet cleaner to them.
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