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They will never learn

I have been around long enough and know what is going on and it is a complete mess at the moment.

HKA's first mistake was firing all the people years ago. Yes we know that’s in the past but that Singaporean's bad decision still hurts the company to this day. The result is years of difficulty finding quality pilots. The word was out. The word is still out. Unless your unemployed or from a low standard background stay away from HKA.

During these rapid expansion years what calibre pilot could they find? South Americans, Filipinos and some washed out Southern Europeans who may have 10 thousand hours in the logbook but clearly come from a culture where"standards" are questionable at best. Most of them will even admit how relaxed and bad it was. I do not wish to taint all with the same brush as there are some very good pilots from these countries but, as a generalization I know I am not the only one that thinks this. The level 3 or 4 English (communication) is very bad from some of these pilots.

So what we have seen is good quality and experienced pilots turned off by the past legacy of the Singaporeans and only third world and marginal pilots get hired. This was done in a time they needed anyone with a heartbeat and a pilot’s licence.

Finally the CAD is doing what it should have done back in the “runwayhotspot” days of a few years back and imposing restrictions on HKA until they get their act together. Do they really think the Chinese management has the ability to do that?

The company’s future is now with the narrow minded and backward culture of the mainland Chinese management who have never listened in the past and never will in the future. The festering scab that is the remaining Singaporeans needs to be removed or nothing will change.

What will happen to HKA? I believe it will continue for a long time to come.The standard will remain low. The working environment will always be bad. The pilots will always be disrespected. The cabin crew, ground engineers, ground staff and travelling public are now aware of the way the company treat its own people.

They are scrambling at the moment to give the impression of "weare a caring company and we can work together to achieve harmony" and they care about our welfare and morale, but this is just the typical reactive response when they get desperate. They do not and never will give a Shlt about anyone.

There will never be any forward thinking to try and solve any of the problems. Therefore HKA is doomed because they will never be able to compete with other airlines that offer an attractive and stable work environment. Pilots will come and go in droves like they always have and the high cost of training is ignored by the management. Want a free endorsement and a quick command? come to HKA and HKE. Then leave at the first opportunity.

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