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How does this aply to HKA it allready exists 7 yrs from when it started as CR Airways.. If you mean widebody just maybe I could agree with you..But otherwise it is a complete BS remark
Nope. The connection to your HKA is in name only. HKA was a completely different animal back then, managed by different people, under different ownership, under-resourced, and going nowhere.
Comparing HKA post 2009 to that HKA is comparing chalk and cheese. Its blindingly obvious there was a massive sea change 3 years ago.

Once again have to disagree with you. Just look at Air Asia they are growing for more quicker than HKA...Not sure how to bring it to you but they have been operating with 4/5? acft for years so counting the extra A330's it is not expanding that fast as management wants you to think
Did you misstype? Did you mean '45' aircraft? Is that all? After 11 years?
What do you think is the difference between HKA's [re]launch and AA's?
Let me tell you what I know about Air Asia.
That airline was (reputedly - if you believe Tony) set up on a shoestring budget, and the business plan written on the back of a hotel bar bill. But it was given nearly carte-blanche from day 1 thanks to the political pull of some of its backers (look up AK for starters) who made sure it got all the breaks it needed, contrary to the interests of the incumbent National Carrier (which it is slowly killing). Just goes to show how a liberal aviation market can encourage growth and innovation, while protectionism and Cartels strangle the rest at birth.
Air Asia has been around for 11 years. HKA only woke up 30 months ago. Have some patience!

Westjet, for one.
Well it wasn't the one I was thinking of, and I rather doubt your assertion (gimme a link). I did however note (on Wikipedia) that Westjet was grounded in its first year of operation by Transport Canada. It went on to be the second largest carrier in Canada. Nice metaphor there, ta.

Nah, I was referring to SouthWest Airlines!
But although I've heard that story oft repeated (profitable from launch) it turns out (again according to Wiki) that not only did SW not make a profit for years - but it too was baulked for those early years by a pair of legacy carriers who didn't like the upstart and tried to strangle it. SW is now the most reliably profitable airline in the US, and the legacy carriers who tried to do it in are gone, or merged.
Seems to be a trend here....

But I'm sure you're referring to that failure of humanity called RyanAir in Europe that I wouldn't be caught flying on as a passenger let alone as crew.
Hehe....I wouldn't even mention its name. But you did.
Like it or not - its yet another upstart that ate the world.

...this is definitely getting to be more than just a trend now....

HKA has been around a long time.. I worked there 7 years ago, and it was CR Air long before that.. Its only success has ever been surpassing its previous failures and debt.
A, a disgruntled ex-employee.
Relax - just kiddin'

The amount owed to Haeco isn't in dispute. It wasn't paid.
It certainly IS in dispute.
Unless you work for HAECO now....

Spectacular growth? I was there from 0 B737 to 11 I believe before the Singaswine f*cked it all up.. Its easy to build a fleet with no need for profit and unlimited funds to procure aircraft isn't it.
Did they have the same backers in 2005?

As for the rest.. back to the knitting indeed. If you can't recognize the light at the end of the tunnel is a opposite bound train, you deserve to get hit.
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