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Pardon me. Did I miss something?

HKA is owes 10's of millions of dollars, hasn't ever been profitable, just deeper in debt, the government has restricted the "growth" if we can call it that, and the flagship route has been cancelled. Additionally, Aircraft are not being cleaned, a move to outer bays has been initiated to attempt to save money, and flights within Asia are routinely cancelled at the last minute.

A picture of a healthy airline it is not. Hanian may or may not decide to keep pouring cash into HKA. Neither myself or anyone else knows that (including you).

But if I had to pay for a flight, why would I risk paying HKA? Who knows when the plug will get pulled. ALGOL didn't even hear about the LGW till 4 days after word spread to others in HK.

HKA is not going to tell staff or consumers till its too late to save themselves.
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