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Still no official announcement, but the media are reporting the LGW service is withdrawn, and I've heard unofficial reports the three HCCs are being sent to Hainan.

I got the impression that it wasn't fleet numbers, but the list of exact registrations listed in the AOC are the only aircraft allowed and that phasing out certain aircraft would not mean the addition of newer ones would be allowed. New aircraft still requires training new crews.
That makes no sense to me. If the 3 A330 HCCs are going, and 3 more A330-300's are coming (delivery already scheduled) are you saying the CAD would block the same type? Well, it's HKG, and anything crazy can happen.

If 20 units is the agreed number, there will be additional aircraft required to reach that number, especially if the HCCs go.

The LGW service was a daily heavy crew op (two crews), so do the math. 4X 7 = 28 pilots, plus reserves/rest coverage, probably at least 36 guys.
If the fleet number hits 20 they may keep their jobs, though on other type.

If not, there may be redundancies. Or transfers to other airlines in the group. Anyone in the holding pool should start reviewing their situation I guess.

On the whole this is a sad outcome, not only for HKA, but for the whole industry. The LoCo model is driving this industry down to the lowest common denominator. We need to see a working alternative model.
I just wish somebody would do it right and give it a chance to work. I thought Eos in the US was a great effort - but the GFC and $140 oil killed that off too.

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