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Gulf Aviation Academy (GAA) have signed a contract to train new cadets with Alpha Aviation Academy and which includes base and line training with Air Arabia.

GAA has bad reputation within Bahrain because it has recently abandoned 80 Bahraini JAA/IR/MEP holders to find them jobs.

And once a person asked GAA 'how come not help us find jobs but you have for the new cadets?'
The reply was from Khalid: 'let's take an example, would you choose a car made in 2011 or a car made in 2013, that's the same thing with you guys'

Go figure

Khaled Khalaf and Ahmed Al-Jowder are customer service representatives from GAA.
GAA did not sign anything yet and nothing is official as of 8/5/2012. I am wondering why are you mentioning their full names on the forums

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