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JFK outbound block 1320

IAD outbound block 1430

SEA outbound block 1420 two day layover

Ive heard we're to stay at the Tyson's Corners Marriott. It is a nice hotel. A nice, but not inexpensive, mall nearby. It is not near central DC. In fact, it is in the state of Virginia. About a 30 minute bus ride from the airport to the hotel, if no traffic. There is a metro stop near Tyson's which you can use to visit the Mall in DC, i think its about 5km from the hotel (maybe a shuttlebus???...i dunno) then 30-40 min metro into Union Station. This setup is like like SFO, its not in the city. We'll park at the standard international gates, and I think we'll need to take a bus to immigration, which will add to our time, I figure its an hour plus from parking brake to hotel, easy.

And I think that IAD block time is on the low side, if you get a northbound landing, in the am rush. Figure all winter long for northbound landings. Keep recovering.

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