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Hi Windforce,

It appears from correspondence received from a fellow training provider this morning that the information we were provided vis-a-vis the commencement date is incorrect and that you were correct in the first place, i.e Part FCL commences wef 17/09. I need to speak to my boss about this.

As for the Class 1 deviations, yes, I have now lost my Class 1 medical and CPL, my job, my livelihood and my family are now struggling to make ends meet, not that the CAA could care the slightest whatsoever, although I am selling body parts on e-bay if anyone is interested in a severely battered liver.

No, I haven't actually lost my job although I could very well have.

It is an absolute disgrace and certain individuals should be experiencing many sleepless nights as they hang their heads in shame.

But I bet they sleep easy.....

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