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Why the small aircraft a320renewal?

To me, I couldn't just stop there. I held the controls of an airline aircraft before September 11 and it's been drilled into my mind that this is what I will do, at all costs. Since I was almost 5 this is what I've wanted to do.
Trust me, I am no way a rich and delusional child. I am willing to work my ass off, for years to get to where I want to be. With no backed support from my parent (Single mother), plus no way to get a full loan amount for training costs. To me, it seems better to go to OAA in the UK - but that's a rather extreme approach.

What's gone so wrong in the Aviation industry for people to say it's turned into a hobby? Yeah there are lots of issues going on at the moment. But is that really the way people feel? I know quite a few pilots personally - they don't seem to have much of a problem
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