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Originally Posted by PJ2
As I have said many times, even given the pull to stop what may have been perceived as a descent, the airplane settled down quickly and if the PF had done nothing but maintained pitch and power while calling for ECAM Actions while ensuring stable flight, (and 10 to 12deg pitch is NOT stable flight at cruise altitudes!), we wouldnt' be discussing an accident here.
I do agree on that.
That being said, the 12 degrees of pitch was absolutely undesirable, but was not fatal. Some 40 sec after AP disc the situation was borderline but had stopped to deteriorate ... until the FD reappeared and the PF got the bad reflex to follow them. That's when everything took the wrong turn and STALL2 arrived.

Now, that's also the precise moment the trim started to roll ...
It is absolutely unprofessional for the BEA to have omitted to include the full analysis on that matter in their final report.

No misplaced autotrim, and 'we wouldnt' be discussing an accident here'.
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