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Get over yourself... If you can't recognise a joke, even with the blatant smiley, then I feel sorry for you.

I am not a West end controller by the way... I work for a living

Note... another smiley. Heaven forbid, humour. If anyone really takes offence at my first reply, which anyone with half a brain can see was tongue in cheek, then they are probably not thick skinned enough to do the job

Just for clarification, as far as anyone training or qualified goes, I could not give a monkey's whether they are male, female, or even as ugly as me... As long as they are honest, have integrity and are not lazy, then they will get treated fairly... the vast majority of TC OJTI's are this way inclined. If AC have a problem with OJTI reputation (though I am not aware of it), then that is another matter.

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