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Maybe I should have made myself a bit clearer. I did pass the tests to JAA standards. I believe the JAA allow 1 or 2 erros in the 24 plate test? I was under the impression that the UK CAA were the ones who didn't allow any errors whatsoever? On all the plates I could see the patterns. Some of them I found harder than others but I still managed to get all the numbers/patterns in the end.

My point was not that should I have passed/failed my class 2 - but rather what would happen if I didn't pass the colour vision tests whilst undergoing examination for my class 1 medical. Would they then automatically remove my night qualification on my PPL? Sounds a ridiculous situation to be in but it got me wondering.

As for my AME, I just want to clarify that I believe he did nothing wrong. In my initial post, I made it sound like he just passed me regardless of my success with the plates - that certainly wasn't the case! He seemed confident that if I were to go for my class 1, I should be ok. It's just me that's panicking a bit with the CAA's zero tolerance approach!
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