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champair79, thank you for sharing this, this bothers me and may also others,

you applied for a class 2 medical, you make errors on ishihara and you were given an unresitrcted medical, im sorry but thats not only not legal, but dangerous towards your AME,

'When I did my colour blindness test with the AME, he said I may be slightly colour deficient as I got 1 or 2 wrong or it took me a while to see the patterns. However, he was sure I wasn't colour UNSAFE - hence why he issued my class 2 with no restrictions'

your ame must restrict you if you cannot pass ishihara to JAA standards, your ame would need to submit to caa the results of your medical, and if he or she has placed inaccurate information, they may place themselves in danger of having their ame status questioned.

Im sorry for being blunt and to the point, but you can clearly see the points being made...
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