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Thanks for the update Windforce, albeit speculation.

I am actually in the fortunate position of holding a JAR CPL with no restrictions on it (they are all now on the medical) so it think I am in this situation:-
4) if your CPL states JAR-FCL1/2, (ie not a national UK) your licence is deemed to be an EASA licence even for CVDs, fact. I have also letters from the CAA confirming this - ie they will not downgrade or take away anything;
So hopefully I will receive a grandfathered CPL. I then assume that my next EASA medical will downgrade me to class 2, restricting my privileges to PPL. As you say, this is not the end of the world as paid instructing is now allowed under PPL privileges and I can still call myself a CPL, with the paperwork to prove it.
so no change or major loss of privileges there;
Can an EASA PPL (or CPL restricted to PPL privileges) instruct for the issue of a CPL? This pays a lot better than PPL instructing, so it is potentially a big factor.

It should be possible since there does not seem to be any requirement in CAP 804 to have a CPL to instruct for the CPL - the privilege to do that is built into the FI certificate :- "(d) a CPL in the appropriate aircraft category, provided that the FI has completed at least 500 hours of flight time as a pilot on that aircraft category, including at least 200 hours of flight instruction;" However, this goes against the "normal" requirement to hold at least the licence you are instructing for. It would be strange for a PPL who has never done the CPL flight training or test to instruct for CPL issue.

CVD pilots with current JAA (restricted) class one and a JAA CPL will get an EASA CPL and could very likely get an unrestrcted EASA class one medical, thus allowing them to continue to work. This could happen either 'directly' - especially for very marginal deficient CVDs - or through a medical flight test.
I can't believe they will issue unrestricted Class one certificates to anyone who has failed the lantern tests and deemed as "colour unsafe". They have never showed any inclination to accept a practical test in lieu of the silly colour vision tests, despite the mountain of evidence from Australia and the USA that CVD pilots perform just as well as colour normal pilots in normal flying operations, sim tests etc.

I'll put my hat on the menu if they do
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