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After only a few years of operation it was forecast that Qantas would be nothing more than Jetstar with a red rat on the tail. A few years on and....

Air China seems to make no apologies for it's want of CX (SCMP Aug 2009, dug up from a quick search):

While Cathay remains in the hands of Swire Pacific (SEHK: 0019), staff can rest assured they will not be forced to recite a creed anytime soon. But whether Swire remains in control over the long term remains to be seen.

Air China is keen to get its hands on Cathay to boost its international presence and take advantage of the Hong Kong carrier's experience in training and services.

John Slosar, the Putonghua-speaking chief operating officer of Cathay, has reassured staff and investors that the strategy and management would not change despite Air China's increased presence.
And yet people don't see the writing on the wall for CX?? Continuously eroded terms and conditions, contracts constantly under threat (hell, look at the new iCadet contracts and recruitment standards!), China's economy as opposed to Europe, the UK and the US..... So, will CX not be Air China with a green swoosh on the tail in the near future?? I reckon it'll only take the great Swire to suffer a hit for them to let go of their controlling stake in CX.

CX is aviation in HK whether we like it or not. And there's a reason for that. You can't stick around this long and be so profitable without doing many things right. But those days are fast ending, once again the iCadetship and what it means to standards, terms and conditions for the future.

So, the Demise of HK Airlines or the [regrettable] way it is for this industry?

From my digging into whether or not to apply for a job at HKA (seems pointless now) HKA is a small bit of muscle being flexed by the Hainan group into the HK SAR. With 17 (I believe) airlines under it's belt Hainan only need to start re-jigging some passenger loads and routings via HK. Easier said than done, but don't under estimate the size of Hainan, let alone the same with what Air China could mean mean for CX. As for what I've read (not on this web site!) about the HKA management style, structure and methods; that's another issue altogether! But as to the demise of them?? The CAD may force that upon them if not by their own hand it seems unless there is a radical turn around in the way they choose to operate and exist.

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