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I guess with my post I was looking for the magic formula, but as B2N2 said, almost all people struggle with this one initially. I don't know if its normal but I think I tend to be cautious of using aileron so close to the ground - I'm sure I will get over it.
Like you say yourself, I have noticed students that are a bit cautious of using aileron after starting the flare. If you need to put in 2-3 deg angle of bank to stay over the center, so be it. If that means one wheel will touch down slightly before the other, so be it as well.

Apart from correct use of rudder, looking towards the far end, as others have pointed out, also make sure the yoke is level once you start the flare. I had one guy once that always went left during the flare. I realized after a while that when he started to pull back during the flare he unconsciously put some left aileron in.
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