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Originally Posted by page93
The turbulence was modelled by introducing gusts so that the simulated parameters were copied from the parameters recorded.
That information was missing in Interim #3 and explains the AoA variations without pitch variations in the simulation prior to A/P disconnect. It remains odd that the normal acceleration trace does not reflect the AoA variations.
Originally Posted by page 188
In the specific case of alternate 2B law, some coefficients used in the longitudinal flight control law become speed-independent and are set for the maximum speed for the aeroplane configuration (330 kt in clean configuration).
This may explain the difficulties I encountered in trying to correlate the side stick commands to the airplane response.

Originally Posted by sensor validation
I'm sure someone can post a calculated trace of actual speed through the air, taking into account vertical and ground speed and estimated wind.
Apologies if it has been posted earlier. Strangely the report never mentions that the IAS becomes increasingly erroneous after the AoA exceeds 25 degrees.

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