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I have been browsing EASA Part Med. Sad, I know.

I notice that there is to be an easier test for CVD for the LAPL medical:-

"AMC15 MED.B.095 Colour vision
Applicants for a night rating should correctly identify 9 of the first 15 plates of the 24-plate edition of Ishihara pseudoisochromatic plates or should be colour safe."

Can someone explain to me why it is safe for an LAPL with mild CVD to fly at night, yet unsafe for a PPL or CPL with the same level of deficiency?

And since an EASA PPL/CPL has the LAPL privileges embedded, does this mean I could obtain a 9/15 pass on the Ishihara plates at my local AME and then get a night rating which can only be used when I am exercising LAPL privileges on my CPL?
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