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Glojo, I couldn't agree more!

The story now is that we're dropping at least 10 billion on the carriers and their on board assets, with water pistol AEW capability to defend them. The Sea king was great for the small deck carriers, but we are getting 70,000 tonne monsters with as many as 3 squadrons of very, very expensive jets deployed on them; and for the sake of saving 700 million this side of 2015, we're willing to put all those very expensive assets at risk. T

This of course, coming on top of the fact that Dave-B is the most expensive F35 to buy and operate, while simultaneously being the least capable, with the most limited scope for development and most likely to receive the chop in and defence sequestor.

Really?? The decision making process that went into the reversal was seen as logical, was it? Christ almighty.
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