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We are in a polarised debate, so here's a question for you.

You are COMAO leader at CQWI 12-01, out of Lossie for argument's sake. You get a mission to attack Machrihanish with the RAF orbat at your disposal (whatever our [email protected] is these days). There will be some GBAD and some DCA but the team should be able to crack it, don't you think? Usual brief - get the Typhoons airborne, all form the conga behind them and wait for the comforting shouts that the Alarms are airborne.

Your mate, gets day 2. Sink the Stennis. It's somewhere within 300nm. We think. It only has one picket ship - do your worst. There will be some DCA and a Standard 2 threat. Nowhere to hide and no Sea Eagle. Best of luck finding it without MR2 - and you need to be done by tea time because that's when they're launching their alpha strike at you.

Who has the better day? Can the entire RAF actually sink a carrier? Can it dismantle an airfield?

My answers: You. No. Yes.
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