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“Germans are not prepared to work until they are 67 to allow others to retire at 60.”

Gentlemen, I heard that very same statement 12 months ago, and here we are in June 2012, nothing has changed. Mutterings, yes, action against the Merkel Madness, no.

As more and more of the PIIGS jump on the bandwagen, the motor pulling them is getting more and more overworked, but so far, nothing.

And there are still Germans (not to mention French nationals working in China and my ex-colleague Peter living in Germany) who think the euro is wonderful and will be the saving of Europe.

Firstly, a majority of people living in Germany will have to accept that the euro is destroying the German economy. Not difficult. "Bildzeitung" said it yesterday. Secondly they will have to be motiviated to do something. Very difficult, given German history and the inclination to do what they are told.
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