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Shame one of the airport fireman can't be on board...
They are not qualified to fight flames "in the air"

Having recently had my nearly empty lighter confiscated by the security Gauleiters, how did the tame fire get through Security?
By Royal Command... you can only dream.

So a management pilot who doesn't fly the line is better than a line pilot with 'good hands'?
Well he is the best, all the others are just imposters.

It's a damn candle and people are getting so excited about it.

I just wish that this was a case of the CAA or someone stepping in and saying 'no flames on any aircraft - put that out NOW'.

Bloody Olympics.
Guess you are still hung over from not being able to smoke on the flight deck.

You lot really are a load of misery's!

Yes the country is in a mess, yes we could spend money on something better.

But at least the Olymoics will give feel a good factor to lots of depressed people in the country this summer.

Chill out, relax and enjoy!!!

And yes I do understand sporting euphoria after the 92nd and 94th minute at the Etihad stadium last week.
BASINGA People are only happy whilst complaining these days.
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