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The school fees allowance commences when the child achieves 4 years of age. It covers tuition fees only (not capital fees or other add-ons that some schools have). The British system schools here start with Nursery, followed by Reception then Years 1, 2... Generally, kids turn 4 in Reception so that is when the allowance starts.

There is a separate utilities allowance.

The A320 family have ACTs fitted so range is a shade over 3500nm. Destinations are worldwide but Europe, Middle East and Africa are common.

This is not a job you apply for as a last resort. If you want to move to the Middle East to take advantage of the tax free environment and are happy to be on call 24/7, then this is the type of job which you would pick over any of the airline jobs. You need to ask yourself, why do I want to leave my current job? The move to the Middle East is a major undertaking and lifestyle change. Do you want to put your family through that? How long do you want to spend in the tax-free environment before you might want to go home? What will you be able to do job-wise when you want to move back home? Is it worth leaving a stable and secure job to pay the house off in 5 years (or whatever) but then have difficulty being able to move back and live in it? etc, etc...

Most of us are here because we wanted to save more money than we were doing at our previous jobs. I personally feel that I would rather be doing what I am doing than being with EK, QR or any airline in the region for that matter.

We have pilots here that have come from stable and reasonably secure jobs in Europe that seem to be happy with the move. They are certainly saving more money and are enjoying the lower flying rate than at their previous LOCO carrier.

Again, I stress that you should have a good think about why you want to move from your present job before considering this option. If you decide that the move is for you, then I think this job is a good one.


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