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As per CTC Wings/Flybe application, I may have an idea as to why it was unsuccessful...I carry 6 points on my driving licence, could that be why?
No. It would have been unsuccesful because it didn't reach the pass standard when considered with the many hundreds of other applications for the limited number of places on this particular scheme.

That is just the way it goes sometimes. Let it go and move on.

There are a lot of applicants with good educational standards that fit a general profile that the recruitment team are looking for. Sometimes the specifics change from one company to another, but the fact that you think you are good enough, isn't in itself likely to be enough to get an application past the first hurdle.

The recuiters are looking for the type of people that they feel are going to be able to succeed simpy from a perusal of the limited information provided at stage 1. The later stages will further refine that process. Obviously a good solid educational background and achievement record, is almost always going to be a primary requirement for success in achieving selection for one of these types of fast track schemes.

My next port of call is the CTC Cadet programme and if that fails, then I will try CTC's iCP modular programme and even if that falls through, I will have to go the modular route with another FTO. PAT springs to mind. I have seen the manager at PAT already. Ever such a nice lady who runs PAT with her husband and have a high success rate amongst students who study there but, it's a harder way to get a flying job hence why I really would prefer the integrated route as you're more likey to get a flying job a bit quicker.
Yes, absolutely do that. Success on one of these programmes coupled with timing isn't going to "get you a flying job a bit quicker", it may well get you an airline first officers position, a lot quicker. people severely underestimate just what a cliff they are climbing in trying to embark on this type of career at such a low level of experience. Airline cadet programmes are almost always tied to these type of specific integrated courses.

Succesful completion of a reputable tied programme will very likely result in a temporary airline placement after completion. Many of these temporary placements then dovetail into permanent placements.

Outside of these fast track cadet schemes, there are very limited opportunities for low houred pilots. Airlines without such schemes have a very broad and a very large pool of experienced candidates from which to choose. They are not tripping over themselves to employ 250 hour pilots whatever you may think or whatever anybody may tell you.

It is a very expensive undertaking, that comes with an enormous risk profile. Anybody embarking on this career path needs to take a very hard and very realistic viewpoint of what it is they want to achieve, and what really are the best ways of succeeding in that pursuit.
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