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Strato Alpha did not have a refund policy uptil now and entrenched cadets were shown the door. The truth is this nothing more and nothing less. With GCAA intervention Alpha is trying to put in a refund policy. How many will get it God alone knows. You sound like Alpha on their own wanted to be fair to the cadets. This is far from truth. Infact cadets were told no refund as per your contract you signed. So do not lie Strato
Why is there a high ratio of entrenchment in Alpha? Why are not cadets inducted into the training after careful selection process. Cadets who have potential to clear their ground school and also have the aptitude to fly should be slected. The reason is Alpha does not properly screen the cadets. All are inducted into the training who can pay and when they face difficulties they are entrenched. What a waste of time and money for cadets and ofcourse gain for Alpha

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