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Recruiting is as a result of fleet expansion. There is a program underway to upgrade the existing FOs to command with a number already having completed the upgrade training. Yes, the intention is for the operation to be all-Captain.

As far as I know, there is no company accommodation on offer. You will need to find your own. At the moment, there are some good compounds such as Al Fardan Gardens where the 4 bed villas are 15000 per month. Reasonable but not flash compound villas run at around 12000 per month. There are some more and also some less expensive.

Be advised that with schooling, the allowance generally does not cover secondary schooling and only just covers primary schooling at most (but not all) schools. You will find that with kids in secondary school that you may end up paying up to 25000 per year per child out of your own pocket to make up the shortfall. This situation is currently under consideration by the company with a view to increasing the schooling allowance, but dont expect this to happen. Run your sums on it not happening then if it happens, it's a bonus.

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