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non Cathay staff view point

I think that posting this in the open is actually a benefit, as the wider pilot and crew base see just how a major carrier treats the crews.

Can I ask: assuming as an operating crew you go off duty in say UK, you are encouraged to take a freighter from somewhere else in UK, back to your base HK, via perhaps two stops, rather than direct on possibly the same equipment back home.

What are the FTL ramifications, I know not Flight time, but what about Duty time, whilst on company equipment and on a return "sector".
Are the crew rest areas, and facilities suitable.?

I know an EY friend, (whos name must not be mentioned), operates a ABU, (where can not be mentioned) on a 330 (which can be mentioned), to HK, and then positions back on the Cathay flight... last time in 1st...previous in business, (ID ??).
For staff travel do you get offered the freighters too......

Whay a way to treat staff..

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