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Well, if the percentage of fuel rises in the TOC, some other percentage will go down. So thereís no change in OC of manpower, simply the relation changed.

No bonus and a shabby 3% on the payroll Ö. No, there will not be mass resignation. There are still tons of applicants that fuel the borderless arrogance of EK management. Therefore they can and will do whatever they want.

The problem is more subtle, hidden in the daily ops. Considering the huge buffer between the profit and our share(not), it settles into our subconscious, that it makes no difference if we work our butts off or not, so in the future we will not. Itís as simple as that. Why should we shut down engines, chose idle rev, strive for that on time departure or slow down if early, change level for pax comfort or savings, why should we go that extra mile for the company? It makes no difference to my wallet, so why make our life more complicated?

The operation will hardly run smoother from now on. Most probably they will see an increase of the fuel bill, not much, but indifference will show. Then they will bombard us with letters, threats, fciís and so forth, to improve things and help the poor company. There will be more painful changes to our conditions to counter that subtle trend. But the trend will continue because such pressure only accelerates it. And more bashing will follow.
That is the war with pilots AAR started, as someone righlty pointed out. It is not declared, it is simply happening. Thereís no unified pilot front, no individual the other side can point out and take out publicly as a warning showcase. Itís like the worlds most powerful army fighting some morons in remote mountains. As we know, thereís no winner in such confrontations. The whole building just gets cracks and eventually needs huge renovations.

Been there, seen that. No one learnes the lessons, every airline management thinks they know better. Itís a matter of time, but even EK will fall of its self erected high pedestal, because their arrogance has already started dismantling an important supporting strut, the one consisting of its employees.
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